If you thought racecar beds were cool, well, you're still right. But they aren't the coolest. That trophy's been taken by this righteous homemade spaceship bed, complete with totally awesome control panel. That is one lucky kid.

This fantastic imagination machine was built by Redditor and father JeremiahGorman for his son's fifth birthday. The bed's best feature—the huge control panel under it—is made out of actual discarded electrical equipment, including a master control board Jeremiah managed to scrounge up from a television station dumpster. None of the buttons or switches do anything, but who cares; it's amazing nonetheless and I want one 20 years ago please and thank you. You can see even more pictures of the awesomeness on Reddit. [Reddit via MAKE]

A full shot of the whole set up.


And that awesome control panel.

That awesome, awesome control panel.