As much as I like my Christmas Tree, I hate that it's dead and it has to be thrown away. I wish I knew about alternatives like the invisible tree above. Next year there will be no dead trees in this house for sure.

Or this delicious tree. You can set one up every couple days and eat it!

I have one large white wall in my apartment that would have been perfect for this tree made of tiny ornaments.


Or this one made with lights pinned in the shape of a tree. Easy and fast.


If you must have parts of a real tree, these corks can be reused every year. Or you can burn them at the end of the season and drink new bottles to make another tree at the beginning of the next.

This one made of books is simple and fast too, although it will require some skills. But it looks beautiful at night.


You can see more cool tree-less Christmas tree ideas [here]