Evil Dead—the Red Band Trailer

Hell hath no fury like what is unleashed upon these unsuspecting vacationers. April 12th can't come soon enough.

Animals That Do Drugs

What, you thought humans were the only animals to self-medicate? Child please, Mother Nature has animals that self-medicate using other animals as the medicine. It's the Circle of Life, bitches, and it moves us all.

Because Drugging Your Parents to Go Online After Curfew Is Obviously the Rational Choice

A pair of teenage girls are in Rocklin, CA Juvenile Detention after they allegedly mixed prescription sleeping pills into their parents' milkshakes so as to knock them out and provide the opportunity for a bit of late night web surfing. Astoundingly, it worked. The zonked parents didn't suspect a thing—until they woke up, grew suspicious, and bought a drug testing kit.


The lesson from all this: Milkshakes spiked with marijuana only serve to entice the consumption of more marijuana milkshakes. Words to live by. Image: Ari N / Shutterstock

Check Berry Gives Keith Richard a Lesson in Rockology

Chuck Berry and Keith Richards once played a show together. Keith Richards tried to play like Chuck Berry. Keith Richards can't play like Chuck Berry. Chuck Berry was not amused. This is how Chuck Berry tells you to shut the hell up and stay on rhythm guitar. [Open Culture]

Israel Is the World Leader in Awesome Herb You'll Never Get to Smoke

Cannabis is illegal in Israel—at least for schmucks like you and me it is. However, the country's scientific research into the medical and psychoactive effects of cannabis are going full tilt. The New York Times takes a fascinating look at how marijuana research is handled in Israel and highlights some of the amazing discoveries that may change the face of modern medicine. [NYT - Image: Juan Camilo Bernal / SHutterstock]