Sure, you may have already liked Gizmodo on Facebook or followed us on Twitter (hint hint), but we're individuals too! Lucky for you, we all have our own Facebook and Twitter accounts where we're just waiting to be questioned, praised, and mercilessly harassed at your leisure. Plus, now's a good time to get in on the action since most of us will be coming to you LIVE from CES all throughout next week.

So whether you love or just love to hate us, click on each staff member's name below to follow the latest stories, gadget news, hilarious jokes, and brilliant insights into everything from tech to tweens. Seriously. Do it. Now.

Joe Brown


Joe is our captain. He's the reason we all get up in the morning; the joy that fill our hearts and the smile upon our lips. Beyond that, he's one of the greatest technology journalists of the past twenty years. And if I don't say all that I'm fired. Follow Joe for top-level tweets about the best of Gizmodo and the Web. And stuff about motorcycles. And meat. Sometimes knives. And very occasionally: razor sharp meat motorcycles.

Brian Barrett

Managing Editor

Unofficially our Birmingham, Alabama, Bureau Chief, Brian makes sure we aren't just posting about puppies, booze, and poop jokes all day. He has a gentle touch, but I have it on good authority that he once killed a man over an absent Oxford comma.

Peter Ha

News Editor

Peter's the newest addition to the staff, but as a major tech vet, he's brought tons of experience and insight with him... along with a comprehensive knowledge of Batman trivia.

Harry Sawyers

Features Editor

Harry has a taste for the finer things in life, including babies and power drills. Follow him for tweets about how his life is invariably better than yours.

Jesus Diaz

Senior Contributing Editor and Art Director

Senior NASA and Lego Correspondent, Jesus is forever sending us hateful emails, explaining why this or that post's art is terrible. But that's okay, because it's true! And he hates because he loves.

Sam Biddle

Senior Staff Writer

Sam is a bit of a blogging savant. He may have murdered a Furby in cold blood, but he has an amazing talent for taking a bit of news or culture, scurrying away for an hour or so, and coming back with an engaging or hilarious take on it. What he's not so great at is returning home from a night on the town with any of his personal property.

Michael Hession

Associate Video Editor

Michael—or "Hesh" as we've lovingly dubbed him—is the one behind the camera bringing you awesome footage of lifeless hover boards, malicious furbies, and every gadget under the sun.

Casey Chan

Staff Writer

Casey lives in Southern California, so we spend a lot of time filling him in about life on the East Coast. Until last year, he didn't even know how snow days worked! But when it comes to apps, his opinion is just about the only one you need.

Jamie Condliffe

Contributing Editor

Jamie is a very smart person who is also British. Try reading all his tweets in the voice of Margaret Thatcher. Or in the voice of Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher, because who remembers Thatcher? Jamie does, he's old!

Andrew Tarantola

Staff Writer

Andy's kind of like a ninja lurking in the shadows most days. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's almost always quotable. Taste-wise, if something isn't animated and Japanese, he has no use for it. He's also read more manga than the totality of some American states.

Leslie Horn

Staff Writer

Leslie is from Texas, and her family all buys matching pajamas for them to sleep in on Christmas Eve. She also used one of her posts to reveal Big Boi as Gizmodo's Number 1 fan. This is all you need to know.

Eric Limer

Contributing Editor

Eric mans the weekend shift. We hired him for his excellent knowledge of technology products and how to solve computer issues. Luckily, the technical problems on the weekend aren't as bad as they are during the week.

Andrew Liszewski

Contributing Editor

Although seldom drunk, Andrew is actually Canadian. And although he writes his north-of-the-border tweets in Canadian, they're still occasionally easy for Americans to understand and surprisingly light on hockey and maple syrup references. He also tweets a lot of sweet YouTube videos.

Brent Rose

Contributing Writer

Brent has a multiple personality disorder. Not kidding. He's also our resident Yam enthusiast. Plus, he's done some awesome reporting from places like NASA, San Quentin, and the World Penis Pump Acceptance Institute.

Kyle Wagner

Staff Writer

Kyle gave us his Twitter password because he thought it would help him, but we changed it, tweeted a bunch of embarrassing stuff. So, while Kyle does tweet from here, you never really know if its him or not. If you only follow one account, make it this one, because it's all of us.

Mario Aguilar

Staff Writer

Mario writes slow but tweets fast. Also, I'm pretty sure he's the unhealthiest person at Giz. Which is quite a feat. Mario? Mario? Are you breathing? Oh, nevermind, he's fine. I just saw some smoke come out of his nostrils.

Ashley Feinberg

Editorial Assistant

Ashley's the other half of Gizmodo's token Texan allotment and proved herself her first week at Giz by letting us stab her knee with knives and lit matches. But it's ok! She lost feeling in it after a freak roller-skating accident. We swear—give it a poke.

Nicholas Stango

Editorial Fellow

Nick is our resident Windows fanboy and isn't afraid to show it. He's also a pretty awesome photographer and nearly impossible to catch without a camera strapped to his neck... or trying to make "YOLO" socially acceptable. But we love him anyway.

Kif Leswing

Deal Master

Kif is the mastermind behind Dealzmodo. Kif's hunted down anything you could ever need, want, or lust after and slashed the price to within an inch of its life. All for you.