After a long ride there's nothing quite like a refreshing bottle of water. But getting to that point where you're tired and dehydrated sometimes takes some extra motivation. Like your favorite music, which Scosche makes easier to access on a bike with its new boomBOTTLE weatherproof speaker.

Clad in a shock proof exterior that should easily survive even bumpy trail rides, the omnidirectional boomBOTTLE uses a pair of 40 millimeter drivers and a passive subwoofer to make it easy to hear your music even over the sound of your bike rattling about.

It's compatible with any device that can stream music over Bluetooth, or has a headphone jack, and boasts ten hours of continuous playback per charge. But when used wirelessly it's also got a set of large, easy-to-find buttons for skipping tracks without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Pricing hasn't been confirmed just yet, but expect it to be comparable to the myriad of other BT speakers already on the market.