You're feeling the weight of holiday excess both figuratively and literally. Step one of your detox requires no effort at all—just peep the loveliest items we found this week. Whether it's a mind-melting Möbius chair, to a beautiful felt shelving system, there is plenty of design goodness for you below.

Wobbling Chess Set Makes It Impossible To Concede

It's mostly a symbolic gesture, but you can forget about dodging an embarrassing checkmate by toppling your king with this Wobble Chess Set. More

Relax Your Body and Melt Your Mind In This Möbius Chair

It might provide a place to rest your weary legs, but this United Colors for Benetton chair designed and built by Pereira Miguel Architects will give your brain a good workout as you try and and comprehend where its curvy frame begins and ends. More

Mount This Flexible Felt Shelving System However You Want

Tired of Ikea's instructions telling you exactly how you should assemble and mount your shelves? Fight back against the company's illustrated tyranny with this felt Organize shelf that's flexible in more ways than one. More

This Brilliantly Censored Book Cover Does Big Brother Proud

Penguin publishing just rereleased five of George Orwell's best works-1984, Animal Farm, Down and Out in Paris and London, Homage to Catalonia, and Politics and the English Language-as "Great Orwell" editions. More

Staple City's a Towering Metropolis of Desk Organization

Put aside those depressing thoughts that your job actually needs a way to organize staples with this tiny cityscape snowglobe that's an adorable way to store your office supplies. More

This Birdhouse Tile Makes the Most of Your Roof

This charming little roof tile is designed to encourage bird populations in urban areas—but its charm lies in the way it makes the most of an often-neglected space. More

Unorthodox Alphabet Blocks For Your Budding Mad Scientist

It doesn't matter what unspeakable acts or atrocities they grew up to commit, at one point all mad scientists-from Dr. Frankenstein to Dr. No-started life as adorable infants. But what turns an innocent toddler into an adult with a penchant for world domination? More

How You Make a Hovercraft An Object Of Lust

Hovercrafts have the distinct advantage of being just as comfortable on water as they are on land, but usually at the cost of a pretty ugly and utilitarian design. So the engineers at Mercier-Jones decided to take a crack at designing a hovercraft that was as lustworthy as a sports car, and from the looks of it they more than succeeded. More

These Pantone Color Swatch Scarves Can Match Anything

You can get Pantone suitcases and even Pantone Christmas ornaments, and now you can display your absurd devotion to that library of color by wrapping some color swatches around your neck.More