For better or worse, CES Unveiled is a thing. We actually find it terribly convenient—dozens of gadgetmakers under one roof. And we found some cool stuff too. Huzzah! We braved the throngs and fried-food-vapors for you, my dears. Here's the best stuff we saw:

I Just Controlled a Computer with My Eyeballs and It Was Amazing

We checked out Tobii last year, and it was pretty rough around the edges—just a prototype. But now the eye-control tech wizards at Tobii are back with a polished product, and I feel like I'm in Star Trek. [more]

Hands-on with a Seriously Next-Level Activity Tracker

Withings little Smart Activity Tracker is, in fact, tiny but a smidge larger than the Fitbit One. It's an odd little shaped device in that it's kind of like Apple's iPod Shuffle if you've ever seen one of those before. It's got some really big tech in its tiny little body. [more]

Uh, Here's a Stylus That Plays Music, Takes Bluetooth Calls, and Vibrates

From the brainspace of "Oh Hell Why the Hell Not?", here's Dexim's Music Talking Stylus. It's a Bluetooth-enabled stylus that doubles as a music controller, and triples as a phone receiver, and sorta-quadruples as a headphone jack. And, uh, it vibrates. But as goofy as it sounds, it actually seems like it would be useful, in its own very strange way. You owe it to yourself to check this thing out. [more]

A Teeny Tiny Action Cam with a Half Decent Sensor: Must Be for Porn?

Here's he Ego Mini, the tiniest Wi-Fi enabled action cam around. It's 1.62 x 0.86 x 2.05 inches little, and Liquid Image says it's designed to be less about "fun" and more about "function." Translation: This might be when action cams turn the corner off of Action Replay Avenue and onto Pervy Perv Sex Video Boulevard. [more]

Dish's Remote Control App Actually Makes TV Better

Second screening is what executives like to call what you're doing with when you're looking at your phone in front of your TV. Dish Explorer is the closest anyone has come to make an app that actually enhances TV the experience with more content. [more]

Vuzix M100 Hands-On: Here's Google Glass' First Real Competitor

I just put the Vuzix M100 on my face, a device that's supposed to be the future of all tech: wearable computers. It's a nice idea, sort of, but if this is the future of tech, I hate the future. [more]

Hey Look! It's a Booming Bluetooth Backpack for Your Phone

If you've ever found yourself cranking up your phone's volume to the max, only to get a tinny crackle, you know a phone's speakers just don't cut it. This compact but powerful little bluetooth speaker can hook right onto your phone, or pop off and do its own thing. [more

LG's New 84-Inch 4K 3D TV: Eyegasm

We just got to spend a little time gazing on LG's new 84LM9600. It's 84-inches and packs in 3840x2160 pixels for 4K resolution. Locally dimmed LED backlighting keeps balances brightness without light bleeding in from the sides. And it's 3D. But screw the specs, you want to know how it looks, amirite? [more]

You Never Have to Worry About Syncing This Constantly Connected Bluetooth Activity Tracker

Sensing a trend here? Because I am. Yet another activity tracker has emerged from the bowels of CES.

Fitbug, a UK-based wellness company, is showing off its second generation activity tracker in the form of a tiny pebble called the Orb. It tracks steps, calories burned, distance traveled and pace. But instead of transmitting data via Wi-Fi, they've opted for Bluetooth that syncs your data in one of three ways. First, it actively streams your activity stats when working out in real time to the mobile app for you to see. Second, data can be sent at specific intervals set by the user. Third, users can push stats at will whenever they feel like it. [more]

Lost Luggage? If You Had This Little Thing in Your Bag You Would Know Where It Was

Losing your luggage sucks, but the worst part is when your airline tells you it has no idea where your bag is. Trakdot is a little battery-powered gadget that you can throw in your bag. When you land, just check your phone and you'll know whether or not your bag landed with you. And if not, at least you'll know which airport it's at. [more]