Panasonic thinks that you want to personalize your TV with a home screen populated with widgets. They also think that you want to draw on the TV using a gigantic pen. Seriously.

Their 2013 smart TVs will allow users to add tiles with channels, calendars, internet pages and channels—like a dedicated YouTube tile that connects your phone to your TV—and whatever apps are available to your smart! television's home screen.

After you customize your channel, the new Panasonic TVs will recognize users using a built-in camera, switching the home screen depending on whoever is watching it (they didn't say what will happen when many people are watching). People will be able to control their TV talking into a franken-micro-remote, which seems like a gadget designed for a 1945 sci-fi B-Movie. Look at it:

Talking to a remote makes kids really happy

Another feature of the new TVs is the connectivity with tablets and smartphones. It allows you to send images to your TV, which could be annotated using a giant pen. Once you are happy with whatever moustaches you paint on people's faces, you can send the annotated image back to any phone or tablet connected to the TV.


Hooookay, Panasonic. WHATEVS! Some of your new TVs are really gorgeous for sure, but I don't think people want to do any of this crap with their TVs.