The nCycle has a lot going on. It looks great and it's super sleek, but it might be a little over-designed. Maybe.

Modeled by Marin Myftiu, the bike's feature set starts with handlebars that double as a lock, so you don't have to carry one around, and goes from there. The nCycle has a retractable "nPocket" for a laptop or book, it folds down, and there's 360 degree handlebar rotation. The bike is also pretty trim considering it can be upgraded to include an electric motor, and has a novel wheel design that's pretty sick.


But the bike is still a concept, which isn't surprising once you get into the electric system. There's smartphone integration with a built-in speaker for jam cranking, but the phone isn't mounted directly on the handlebars because of safety concerns. Instead it sits on the bike body and syncs to a holographic display on the right handlebar. Yeah, because that totally exists as a practical option in the real world.

Oh and the price tag is already $4,000, even though you can't buy it, so you figure that one out. [Marin Myftiu via Born Rich]