Rumors have been swirling about a "six strikes and your kinda-sorta out, or at least slowed down some" plan coming from your favorite ISPs for a while now. There's been documentation to back it up. Now, TorrentFreak has gotten its hands on the first offense-by-offense breakdown hosted on Verizon's servers, and everyone else's plan probably won't be very different.

The seems to line up with the rumored plans pretty well. Your first and second accusations get you a warning. Third and fourth get you treated to a little video screening about why you're being a bad person, but you don't have to actually admit to anything. Fifth and sixth earn you a reduction to 256kbps speeds for two to three days. And they're even nice enough to let you delay the speed downgrade for 14 days if you'd prefer. At no point will they cut off your Internet though. You know, because they want your money.

Curiously, the documentation doesn't say anything about the seventh-plus slip-up, but you'd have to assume that it'd either come with the throttle or maybe a quick email from Verizon to the MPAA. This applies to business users as well—so free coffee-shop Wi-Fi from Verizon could become a thing of the past.


When the system is actually rolling out is anyone's guess. Initially it was rumored to be in the summer of 2011, and more recent AT&T documents suggested November 2012. Whatever the case, it's definitely coming. If you're on Verizon (and probably even if you're not) this is what it's going to look like. [TorrentFreak]