Insert a bad Apple Maps joke here: a car just slammed directly through the wall of an Apple store in Lincoln Park, and is now inside the Apple Store.

This is going to be hard for the staff of the store to handle, given that Apple Geniuses aren't allowed to say the word crash.

Are you in the area? Shoot me an email.


Update: Giz reader Robert was actually in the store when it happened, and says "It was pretty scary, we don't think anyone is seriously injured. I think there some minor injuries but I didn't see anything serious. I was blown away by how fast the first responders arrived at the scene. The driver seemed to be an older man."

Update 2: Giz reader Prathamesh Saygaonkar was also in the store when it happened. He says: "Damn scary!!! Was just near the glass pane when it happened! The old man say...60 years old crashed into the shop from no where!!! Authorities arrived in no time.. I mean really really fast.. Made me proud of the Police system in the country!! Spoiled my plan of buying a new iPad though." Here are some more images from the crash, too (thanks, Jake Counselbaum and Sam Moore!).