Most of us look can look at this beautiful hand-carved X-Wing themed coffee table and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its creation—even if we would never even think of putting in our living rooms. But for die-hard Star Wars fans, this could very well be the holy grail of Lucas-inspired home decor.

Unfortunately there's a good chance they'll be more devastated to hear this table comes with a $60,500 price tag than Luke was when he learned Vader was his old man. Its creators, Sean Regan and Aubrey Cohen, came up with that obscene amount by factoring in all the hours it took to create at a rate of $14 an hour for their talents. So the odds are only Lucas himself could afford it. Maybe that's why he sold his company to Disney. [Ubergizmo]


Update: Although not listed on his website yet, this table is actually the work of Barry Shields who was also responsible for this epic USS Enterprise piece. As for pricing, there's no word on when the table might be available for sale, but the Star Trek version was listed at $3,100, so the X-Wing might be a little more affordable.