Stunt Poetry

Rishi Kaneria transforms stuntman Dante Ha's aerial acrobatics into art with the help of a Canon 60D.

Long Term Toking Might Make You Dumber, It Also Might Not

It's incredible to see how the same data set can generate contradictory results, depending on who is doing the analysis. A study of 1037 individuals published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last year found that long term, habitual cannabis smoking could cause a gradual decline in a person's IQ—the younger one started, the worse the effects would be. However, a new analysis, also published in the PNAS, examined the same data and argues that the initial study's, "methodology is flawed and the causal inference drawn from the results premature." The new study also argues that, while the original could be true to a degree, the effects of THC on intelligence "could be zero" and the cognitive decline could be the result of other socioeconomic factors. Obviously there's only way to settle this debate: Thunderdome.

[Smithsonian - Image: paul prescott / shutterstock]

Guy the Glassblower

Green Piece just dropped its latest episode. Come, see how your pipe is made. [The Stoned Society]

The Deep End - Jake Fried

What the? This, I don't even. [Inkwood - Boing Boing]

NAMM 2013

This is what happens when you let synth pioneer Herb Deutsch loose in the Moog Machine Shop for an afternoon.