Goodnight, Sweet PakMan

Created by Chris Weller as the title sequence for a sketch comedy pilot episode, this re-imagining of the classic arcade game is beyond awesome. [Cartoon Brew]

Tony Hawk: Still Flying at 44

To commemorate Hawk's joining Team Independent (the skate truck guys), here's three minutes of the father of three slamming tricks that skaters half his age struggle to land. [Redbull USA]



Can you beieve that this entire six minute short film is the brainchild of just one man, Kaleb Lechowski? [Nerd Approved]



What this video of the Big Apple's golden hour lacks in clever titling, it makes up for with gorgeous time lapse cinematics. [Explore]


Ambitious Snowskating at 1000FPS

I was not aware that this was a thing but apparently it is and kids these days are quite good at it. Check out the first half of the session here and the second half here. [Redbull USA]