The Amount Taxpayers Pay to House Drug Inmates Is Absolutely Criminal

While it is produced by Clarity Way, a drug treatment and recovery center, this animated infographic puts forth a well-reasoned and compelling financial argument for alternative treatment options for American drug offenders beyond . [PopSci]

Archer: Insulting Nicknames Edition

Bob's Burgers may be the series that takes H. John Benjamin mainstream but let's not forget that Archer was the one that put him on the map. And that H. John Benjamin Has a News Van was the show that very nearly wiped him right back off it. Either way be stoked that the new season of Archer starts up later today.


How to Kill a Volvo

Fun Fact: The Volvo 850 is the only street legal vehicle in production with a five star safety rating and the ability to stop a sherman tank cold at freeway speeds.


THE NFL : A Bad Lip Reading

If you go over to her place to hang out after the game and the floor is just bean bags, she's a keeper. Just don't call them floor bags.



Part music video, part animated SciFi space short, EXODUS is simply exquisite. "This is the first part of a space epic, establishing the protagonists and a fragment of the universe as well as the timeline in which EXODUS takes place," writes creator Peder Norrby. I just love the way the scene tension relentlessly builds throughout. The next edition can't come soon enough.