Considering how terrible this year's flu is, odds are good that you've already become a languid pile of festering contagions. And in case you've managed to evade the virus thus far, get thee a flu shot ASAP, obviously—but then go work out. It may just double your chances of staying plague-free.

Flu shots themselves are, at best, usually only about 70% effective, depending on how many antibodies it helps the body produce. It's common knowledge that those in good shape are better equipped to fight the flu, but even the elderly, who don't often respond well to inoculation, were able to improve their odds with increased exercise.

There's even good news for the exercise averse: all it takes is a single, 90-minute post-shot workout session to double your body's antibody response. And until then, trust no one. [The New York Times]


Image: Piotr Marcinski/Shuttershock