The Price of Mexico's Drug War is Too Damn High

Turns out, when you declare war on something, there's a solid chance a lot of people are going to die because of it. In Mexico's case, their War on the Cartels has killed roughly 60,000 in the last five years or so and has accomplished well, a lot less than 60k people could produce in a lifetime. This animated infographic from Jess Bachman at explains just how FUBAR the situation really is. [Boing Boing]

How to Build a Bike Shop in an Industrial Meat Locker

Bike maker SRAM got a great deal on a building in Chicago's old meat-packing district but there was one hitch. The building used to be used for cold storage and had since filled with frost—like the ginormous freezer it is—since the plant last operated. Check out what it takes defrost a ten story ice cube. [Perkins & Will via Neatorama]



Here's a brief smattering of all the cool shit you're missing out on in life while melted to your couch.


You Owe It to the Internet to Watch This Legomation Castlevania Movie

What, it's not like you don't have 2:30 to kill watching KastleVania 4 - Vanian Legenda; the movie, based on the game, based on the toy, based on the true story, based on the novelty Denny's meal. [Nerd Approved]


Glass Machine - My Great Ghost

Now this! This is how you jump start a new musical genre—look down, don't move, and don't say anything. Just keep tapping those buttons. [Boing Boing]