True Facts about Sea Horses

Zefrank moves from the canopies to the corals for his latest episode, revealing shocking secrets about the Equestrians of the Sea. [Very Viral Videos]

RooR Vapor Vaporizer

Is it a vaporizer or a bong? Yes. The RooR Vapor incorporates both a vaporizer element in the upper most section of the device as well as a water filter below. That way you can trap all the harmful chemicals aren't supposed to exist as a byproduct of the vaporization process. This level of redundant protection doesn't come cheap either, The Vapor will set you back $687 over at Everybody Does It.


John Hodgman Explains the Creative Process

Well, this certainly explains Dean Koontz's continuing literary success. [Laughing Squid]


This Surreal Highway Stretch Will Have You Pining for the Fjords

I'd make an Apple Maps joke here but the scenery along the Atlantic Road in Northwest Norway is just so stunning.


ILM Explains the Magic of Battleship

Can we get a quick show of hands as to whether or not Rihanna's acting debut is actually worth seeing before the film makes its TBS debut?