Addictive games? Retro-style photos? Delicious food? What's that? You like all of those things. Good news—you've come to the right place. This round of the best iPhone apps of the week has the follow-up to your favorite game, an abstract wallpaper maker, and more.

Find. Eat. Drink.: Where does your favorite bartender drink? Where does your go-to seafood place find their salmon? Find. Eat. Drink. divulges recommendations from chefs, sommeliers, baristas, and other food industry people on the best places to stuff your gullet all over world. Free

Deko: You're no Rothko or Mondrian but you can still have artful iPhone backgrounds that look like they were created by these artists. Deko generates abstract backgrounds that you can change with just the swipe of a finger. Careful—it's addictive! Free

Crazy Blind Date: It's 5pm on a Friday and your friend just bailed on you. Need something to do? Pull up OKCupid's new app, and you can schedule a blind date based on your location in just a few swipes and taps. Even if the date is bad, you'll at least have a story out of it. Free

Temple Run 2: This message has been auto-generated by a robot because the author is playing Temple Run 2. Set in a new ruined jungle, the new game is just as addictive as its predecessor, with new obstacles to dodge and duck and many coins to collect. Free

PowerUp for iOS: Turn your life into a retro video game. This app will take an 8-bit photo, and morph it into the past style of retro consoles like Sega Genesis, NES, or Game Gear. Disclaimer: in real life, mushrooms don't make you immortal. $2