10 Animals That Get High

After a hard day's foraging and outsmarting apex predators, don't you think they've earned it? [LiveScience - Image: CREATISTA / shutterstock]


Won't someone please think of the Kittehs? Besides the Sundance Film Festival, of course.[Geekosystem]

Five Hard-line Prohibitionists Fighting Legal Weed

Rolling Stone has assembled an insightful profile of the most ferverent anti-drug crusaders in American today. And, oh hey wow, they all just so happen to have a vested financial interest in preventing any sort of meaningful drug law reform. Shocking. [Rolling StoneImage: WilleeCole/Shutterstock]

Binocular Soccer Needs to Be An Olympic Sport

You know, just in case curling, rhythm gymnastics, and solo synchronized swimming hadn't lowered the bar far enough.

The Jon Brion Show - Feat. Elliott Smith / Brad Mehldau ('00)

If not for the years clinical depression, paranoia, drug and alcohol dependency, and eventual suicide, Elliot Smith could well have been the next Bob Dylan. Here he is in 2000 after the release of his fourth album Figure 8.