You may have heard about a certain big game coming up. The rituals surrounding this game consist of hundreds of millions of Americans gathering around televisions watching statistically large men hit each other as hard as they can. And if you're going to watch a game of inches on a big screen, you want a nice, large panel.

There are a couple of sweet TV deals going on today. Although the Super Bowl isn't going to be broadcast in 3D — again — you want a 3D HDTV because the best televisions are 3D televisions. As Andrew Tarantola explained last year:

The best 2D TV is a 3D TV. The burlier image processors required to render the third dimension make everything look better.

Amazon's selling a 50-inch slim panel Samsung plasma 3D TV for $700. The reason you might spend more for a plasma TV is because it will display deeper blacks and wider viewing angles. That's important if you've got a room of people watching a football team that wears black uniforms. It's also a very good deal for a plasma TV. Back in December the PN51E550 was still $850 and its MSRP is $1100. Our friend in the TV world, the HD Guru, likes buying through Amazon because they've got solid customer service for TVs. [Amazon]

Newegg's got a 50-inch Panasonic plasma 3D TV for $650. It's the TC-P50UT50 model, which is the smaller "value" brother to Wirecutter's pick for the best TV. CNET says it offers "astounding picture quality for the money" and right now it's deeply discounted. Amazon's still got it for $850, but with the code EMCXWVV85 it's yours for $200 less. [Newegg]

Although reviews are mixed on this 47-inch Panasonic 3D IPS LED TV, it's worth pointing out because it's deeply on sale today. Amazon's selling it for $800 — and they'll throw in a $100 Amazon gift card — which is at least $400 less than the next well-known retailer. Pretty great deal. [Amazon]

Dealzmodo's always got an eye on sub-$200 panels, if you're just looking for a dirt cheap TV to watch the Superb Owl. The game starts, by the way, at 6:30 PM EST on February 3rd.

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Some sweet Kemco JRPGs are on sale.


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Papa John's has a fun promotion going on right now where if you guess the outcome of a particular coin flip, they'll give you a free pizza. I'm going with 'heads.' [Papa Johns]


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