An old phone tower. Business cards of famous people. Crazy space age Nikes. There's basically something for everyone in this edition of the most beautiful items of the week.

Why Aren't Telephone Towers This Beautiful Anymore?

You're looking at what was once the main junction for telephone connections in Stockholm. See all the wires? That's because it was used for around 5,000 phone lines-literal lines-from 1887-1913. More

Classic Artek Stool Gets 80th Birthday Reissue

The late Alvar Artek is a very awesome Finish designer whose portfolio includes housewares, textiles, buildings, and furniture. One of his most famous designs is the three-legged Stool 60. More

Stare In Awe as This Transforming Table Grows an Extra Three Feet In Mere Seconds

Team 7's new Flaye dining table isn't just a gorgeous piece of eye candy with its solid wood top and surrounding leather trim. It's functional too, hiding a complex pop-up mechanism that lets just one person extend the table by over three feet in just four seconds. More

These Crazy Nike Shoes Look Like They're Made for Outer Space Aliens

Because this year's NBA All-Star Game is in Houston and because Houston is home to the Mission Control Center (and because Nike loves to have an excuse to make special edition sneakers), Nike is designing shoes that look like they're from outer space. More

Clever Light Fixture Brings Hanging Gardens to Your Home

It's safe to say that the future will be here any day now, specifically the future from Back to the Future Part II. We're still working on our hoverboard and levitating DeLorean technologies. More

Nobody Would See You Coming on This Beautiful Transparent Bike

From certain angles you can barely see this beautiful bicycle—because it's made from the same strong, lighthtweight and transparent plastic used in fighter jet canopies. It's the perfect stealth bike. More

Here Are the Business Cards of Famous People

Even though business cards seemed like they would be one of the first things to get killed by some fancy techwiznology, they've managed to survive even though the use of dead paper is dying. Everybody has business cards—even the super rich and super famous. More

The Future of Apartments Looks Like This

We're running out of space, and we're running out of money—and for anyone who wants to live in a city (that's billions of humans), that's a problem. Here's a solution: micro apartments that squeeze full life into a tiny box. More

The Cuddly Blanket Chair. You're Gonna Sit Here All Winter

Designer Aga Brzostek took the Snuggie one step further to create the Autumn/Winter Chair, a.k.a. a giant foam chair with a blanket attached. Has she gone too far? More