How to Talk to the Cops After Getting Pulled Over with a Trunk Full of (Legal) Weed

Getting pulled over sucks regardless but getting lit up by police flashers with your semi-legal medical marijuana stash in the car can be an especially nerve racking experience. Here are a few tips from Big Buds on the best methods of dealing with the 5-0—assuming you aren't as high as this guy. [Big Buds - Image: Carolina K. Smith MD /Shutterstock

How to Make a Mandala

Often depicted as a square with four gates enclosing a circle, mandalas are important ritual and religious items to both Hinduism and Buddhism. Watch as Tibetan monks slowly construct one of these "Wheels of Life" from colored sand at last week's Santa Barbara Tibet Summit. [Boing Boing]

Animated Gifs—Now with Extra Music!

Oh this is so much better than humming my own soundtrack when watching them. [VVV]

An Ode to Joy and Broken Plates

Classic melody from the best composer in history? Check. Wanton destruction of crockery? Check. A chance to argue whether "football" or "soccer" is the correct canon? Double check. [Boing Boing]

Coeur de Pirate

Whaddya mean you don't speak French? Then who the hell is going to translate this for me?