One of Best Buy's daily deals today is $40 off the Hipstreet Equinox 2. Normally retailing for $180, the 10.1-inch Android 4.0 tablet can be yours this very Friday for a mere $140, which is $40 closer to the roughly zero dollars it's worth. Remember, kids: a sale and a deal are two entirely different things.

The Hipstreet Equinox 2 comes complete with 8GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, Android 4.0, and not one but two silly words in its name. It's also twice as thick as an iPad, has a not-good TFT display, and is almost certainly borderline unusable. And that's okay! Bargain basement electronics for people who don't know any better are part of a long, proud tradition in tech retail.

But for $140 you're almost at a Kindle Fire, an older, 7-inch tablet that's still almost certainly more desirable than what Hipstreet is cooking up. Or just save up a little longer and spring for the more recent model. Or just get a bigass phone, it's your world!

I don't mean to pick on the Equinox 2; there are avalanches of terrible gadgets of every stripe in every store for every price. But it's exemplary, isn't it? A perfectly distilled reminder that in gadgets—as in all things—you get what you pay for. And a dud is still a dud, even if it's $40 cheaper.[Best Buy]