Could it be that Google will announce the brand new 5.0 version of its Android operating system this spring? Considering that Google I/O-the event where it tends to make announcements like that-is in May, yes. And if that wasn't a sure enough bet just based on the "well duh" factor, some leaked Qualcomm documents are backing it up. And yes, it's Key Lime Pie.

The original leaked documents were posted on Android Police, but have since been taken down after formal requests from Qualcomm. What the documents revealed is anything but a surprise. According to one document, the "K release" of Android is coming "late spring," in a window of "March - June". In another, it's explicitly called Key Lime Pie. And it doesn't take a genius to realize this is Android 5.0 and that "March - June" really means May 15 - 17 i.e. Google I/O.

As for what goodies Key Lime Pie may bring, keep on guessing; the leaked documents don't dish out any of that goodness. So all we really have is the confirmation that an inevitiability will in fact be coming at the most predictable time. Let's just hope it brings some surprises when it shows up. [Android Police via BGR]

Image by Dustin Dennis/Shutterstock