Whether you're a football fan or not, the beautiful thing about the Super Bowl is that there's a little something for everyone. Sports fans can smash things free of judgment, pop culture junkies can drool over commercials, misanthropes get every reason possible to hate their fellow man, and junk food enthusiasts find their Mecca in every living room they enter. Unfortunately for the latter, their day in the sun is about to get a little darker thanks to The Greatist's little guide to appropriate food portions.

You know that 30-piece wing order? Hope you have 15 friends—you're only getting two. Feel like indulging in a few gooey mozzarella sticks? Be sure to chew slow; you're going to want to savor that half a stick. A little chili to soothe the pain of your team's loss? That glass is staying half-empty, because you're only getting about one-third of a lowball glass's worth.

Of course, indulging every once in a while won't do too much harm. But if you're looking to food to catch you should your team fall, you might want to bare these portion guides in mind. [Greatist]

Images by Jordan Shakeshaft/Greatist