In a week filled with sports, sports, and oh yeah, more sports, you might need a little reprieve. Here it is, in the form of Scandinavian design, retooled logos, and more in the most beautiful items of the week.

Preposterously Intricate Maze Took Seven Years of This Janitor's Life

Almost 30 years ago, a Japanese janitor casually drew a few lines, which turned into a few more lines, which turned into seven years of his life and the most demonically intricate maze—hand-drawn or otherwise—that I have ever seen. More

The Shape of a Silo Makes a Beautiful Lamp

You're used to seeing a grain silo on a farm, but here you see that same form translated into an unlikely place—a light fixture. More

Rotating LED Lamp That Shines Light Only Where You Want It

Light fixtures are so gothic. Wanna be modern? Throw something behind your monolithic sofa and light room from the bottom up. More

You Can Thank Galileo For This Marvelous Modern Clock

Galileo was the first to think to use a pendulum as a time keeper in 1637. An actual clock using the precise weighted mechanism was patented in 1656 by Dutch scientist Christiaan Huygens. More

I Wish More Companies Had Simple Logos Like This

Inspired by the beautiful typography-centric logos of Japanese cameras in the 70's and 80's, design firm Antrepo re-imagined the logos of tech companies by stripping them down to their essence. What resulted were line-based logos that're clean, light and forever classic. More

The Colorful Coatrack That Makes a Splash

The Splash Coat Rack by Blu Dot gets its very fitting name from the nice pop of color it'll add to your room. It's 65 inches tall and comes in a variety of bright colors, like red, blue, yellow, grey, or white versions. More

Old-Fashioned Lighting Meets Modern Style in These Stocky Stone Candle Holderns

Lucky for you a well-lit night is just a lightswitch away, but it wasn't always that easy. The "Weight Here" family of candle-holders by Menu harkens back to a more fiery time, with a flourish of sleek minimalist design. More

Behind the Scenes at the New York Gift Fair

The New York International Gift Fair—a trade show for gifts, home goods and other stuff—has a crap ton of scarves, an entire floor devoted to candles, and loads and loads of items your mother would consider sticking in your Christmas stocking. More