Worried about getting snowed in this weekend? It might actually happen, or it might not. But we'll keep you occupied either way, with a pinball game, a new ereader, and much more.

WebMD Allergy: We all have allergies. Whether your affliction is seasonal or year-round, WebMD will help you cope. It gives you allergy forecasts, so you know when you need to pop a Zyrtec, as well as other methods to cope. Free

Readmill: Reading on a larger screen will always be preferable, but if you going to read on your iPhone, Readmill is a nice experience. It's a beautifully-designed with simple typography, night and day mode, and just a nice looking interface that will ease the strain on your peepers. Free

Jam.it: How do the bass, drums, guitar, synth, and so forth come together to make music? Jam.it breaks songs into individual parts, and lets you make some tunes of your own. $5

BBC Sport: Are you a person who follows games like rugby and cricket and football (not the American version) fiercely? If so you're in the minority. But you'll also be psyched about the BBC sport app, where you can follow those sports to your hearts content. Free

PinWar: Pinball is a hell of a game but it's hard to find machines around you. Screw it. Forget the seedy bar, and just go head-to-head against your friends on your iPhone. $2