Superman is coming, and this summer he's going to be tearing it up, kicking ass, and taking names on the big screen. For the meantime, though, we're stuck with slightly smaller versions of the Man of Steel and his posse. But damned if they aren't pretty.

DC basically shrunk the actors down to size and froze them so they could spend an eternity in your display case. Made from super hi-definition scans of the actual actors faces, they look almost uncannily realistic. And they have to be, with no masks to hide behind.


The suits are incredibly detailed as well, and were designed hand in hand with the films actually costume designers. And the capes? They've got hidden bendable wireframes and will stick to whatever position you choose.

The four miniature statues will be available this spring, ahead of the movies big release, for $130 dollars a piece. And if you just can't wait for that June premier, these guys would make a pretty stellar cast for a stop-motion short of your own. Just sayin'.