These Sennheisers are not fashion headphones. They don't have a multi-million dollar marketing campaign behind them. They don't have legions of rapper endorsements. What they are is well-designed, comfortable, and beautiful-sounding headphones that are currently at Amazon's lowest historical price. Mario Aguilar reviewed them back in May and loved them:

The PX 100-II's deliver lovely, textured bass of the kind you'd expect from much more expensive headphones. But what's really impressive is that the PX 100-II sound full-bodied without losing a bit of detail from the music. You get everything: A dizzying sense of depth and space as well as tiny nuances like the unique shimmer of different cymbals or the slight change in delay speed on a guitar accent. Delicious.


Right now Amazon's selling the Bestmodo-winning Sennheisser PX 100-II with a three-button remote for $47. That's the lowest price Amazon's ever carried these headphones for. If you can skip the remote, B&H Photo has them for $43 and change (but you might have to pay shipping.) Pretty great deal for headphones other folks are are still selling for $70. [Amazon | B&H Photo]

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Flash drives are a great item to find deals on: they're cheap, they're mostly interchangeable, and they go on sale all the time. Today we've found one of the best prices yet on a 32GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive—this Silicon Power drive is only $15 today. It's not the fastest or finest flash drive, but it will sneakernet your files or install an OS with the best of them. [Amazon via Wirecutter Deals]

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I was not aware that Hostess offered an official Twinkie baking pan. Although it's difficult to reproduce the industrial Twinkie magic at home, having the appropriate pan gets you that much closer. A set is $15 on Ebay, but a whopping $40 on Amazon. [Ebay]

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Nothing's more stylish in the spring than rocking a pair of fresh white plimsolls through the still-muddy ground. It's rare that a clothing sale actually matches what you'd want when seasons change, but sometimes you get lucky: these are white on white Vans — perfect for the warmer months — for $35 from Urban Outfitters. Usually Vans Authentics in any color run $45. If your basket is over $50, shipping is free. Sizes are running out. [Urban Outfitters]

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Nah. Yesterday's Dealzmodo had a real cheap Thinkpad though.


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The "mother of all markets" doesn't need deep discounts.

However, Microsoft does:



Not today.


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