Couldn't make it to New Orleans for Mardi Gras this year? You're not alone. Who throws a giant street party on a Tuesday, anyways? That's what long weekends are for. But don't be too disappointed at missing out on the fun.

Like the Fourth of July, you can celebrate Mardi Gras wherever you happen to be. And to make things even easier, we've assembled some of the more crucial tools you'll need to maximize the last day before you have to give up something for Lent—if you're Catholic. For the rest of us, it's just a much-needed excuse to make Tuesdays less lame.

Mardi Gras Drinking Beads

For some reason gaudy plastic jewelry has become a staple of Mardi Gras celebrations. And to take full advantage of that one day when fashion goes out the window, consider this over-sized set of beads that doubles as a handy flask for your libation of choice. $14

Nudifier iOS App

Mardi Gras is also notoriously known as a time when people will expose themselves for plastic trinkets. And with the Nudifier iOS app you can join in the fun without actually exposing yourself. It creates photos that only look like you're naked, so you can convince your Instagram followers you were really living it up in New Orleans. Free

Sensor Bar Sunglasses

But maybe you don't mind a little nudity—as long as the photos of your debauchery don't make it back to your boss, or parents. So just grab a pair of these black bar censoring glasses and it's all but guaranteed that no one will be able to confidently tag you in any Mardi Gras galleries on Facebook. $10

Batter Blaster Pancake Mix

Mardi Gras is also known as Shrove or Fat Tuesday in some circles, and instead of drunken parades, revelers gorge themselves on pancakes. But it's hardly a party if you're spending your time whipping up batter, so grab a couple of cans of the pre-made easy-to-dispense Batter Blaster and flapjack away. $4.60

Popcake Pancake Making Machine

Or, if you're entertaining an entire house full of Fat Tuesday guests, skip the batter and kitchen prep altogether and get the Popcake pancake machine running. With bags of pre-mixed batter it churns out almost 200 pancakes an hour, and as long as you picked up a keg of syrup, your party will be a guaranteed hit. $3,500

Automatic Mini Donut Factory

Another common Fat Tuesday treat, particularly if you're Polish or Ukrainian, is an incredibly unhealthy but impossibly delicious filled donut known as the Pączki. And while the donuts created by this mini factory just aren't quite the same, who wants to spend Mardi Gras deep frying dough? $108

Image by Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press