John McClane and Tamagotchi are both fixtures of pop culture in their own right. And this round of the best Android of the week is full of other icons, like Dr. Seuss, Pokémon, and more.

Tamagotchi: It eats! It poops! It walks! It desires your love and nurturing, just like the Tamagotchi you used to have attached to your Lisa Frank backpack. The virtual pet has been rebooted in the form of an Android app. Sorry, iOS. You'll have to wait. Free

SnapKeys Si: You can still use your full screen with SnapKeys Si while you're typing. It gives you just four keys with three letters a piece to chose from, and predicts your next word as you type. Go ahead and ditch your crappy Android keyboard. Free

Die Hard: So the new Die Hard movie might actually be really bad. Doesn't mean you don't want to play the game. You're Jack Mclane, and you're in Russia where you have to save the world from nuclear holocaust. The story is somehow always the same and yet it doesn't get old. Free

The 500 Hats of Batholomew: Bartholomew has to remove his hat to pay respects to the king, but every time he takes one off, another one appears in its place. The Dr. Seuss tale comes to life via giant illustrations and professional narration in an awesome new app for kids. $5

Pokémon TV: Take Pikachu and co. with you wherever. This new app lets you watch Pokémon television shows anywhere. Free