Sure, you spent a large part of the day fretting over your impending doom due to the asteroid approaching earth. But it passed, and we made it! And these beautiful items will take your mind off things, no doubt.

You'll Want To Eat Your Way Out of This Cotton Candy House

Hansel and Gretel would have gladly given themselves over to death by hungry witch if it meant they could have spent their last days gorging on this incredible cotton candy house. More

The Rolling Hut Is the Best Alternative to an RV

When you hear "mobile home" you don't think of this cluster of modern rolling huts. More

The Shire Springs Up in Suburbia

The Stone House looks totally out of place amidst conventional homes in Hanoi. This building is what it would look like if a hobbit woke up one morning and suddenly the Shire had become suburbia and rows of houses had popped up around him. More

A Bean Bag Chair Fit For an Evil Dorm Room Dictator

Designed for impoverished students and those who couldn't care less about posture, the bean bag chair is rarely regarded as a stylish addition to a well-appointed room. That is, until designer Antoinette Bader managed to turn the lowly specimen into a throne fit for a criminal mastermind, an evil dictator, or your average CEO. More

A Bean Bag Chair Fit For an Evil Dorm Room Dictator

There can be no denying that designer Guillaume Binard's "Oceanwings" look slightly ridiculous. But with the promise of letting you fly underwater, they're a strangely tempting prospect, too. More

Hide Your Moonshine Operation in Plain Sight with This Prohibition Kit

When properly assembled, this collection of cooking utensils by Italian designer Francesco Morackini pot, fondue stove, fruit bowl and watering can transform into a boiler, burner, cooler coil, and manifold-everything you need to turn old fruit into new Schnaps. More