For dedicated fans, money is no object when it comes to obtaining the perfect piece of memorabilia. But when dealing with random EBay auctioneers selling "authentic" merchandise sight-unseen, you might not be getting the genuine article you paid for. Amazon's new Entertainment Collectibles service, however, offers everything from autographs to instruments and wardrobes—and only from vetted, pre-approved merchants. Here are a few of the 350,000 pieces on sale right now.

Surrender Agreement Ending World War II

The unconditional surrender of the German Third Reich is now available on Amazon. Surreal. Price: $4,250,000

A Guitar Signed by AC/DC

This autographed pickup scratch guard comes with a certificate of authenticity and a functioning Fender underneath. Price: $1,754

Stunt Zat'nik'tel "Zat Gun" from Stargate SG-1

Made of foam filled rubber, this Zat Gun was used during filming of the television series. Price: $1,300

The Original Chilled Monkey Brains Head Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Makes a great serving bowl for jellies and jams.Price: $5,000

Star Trek Captains Cast Photo Signed by Shatner, Stewart, Bakula, Brooks and Mulgrew

Price: $900

Star Wars 8x10 Photo Autographed by Carrie Fisher

Notably more affordable than a similarly-sized photo of Han Solo. Price: $116

Denzel Washington Hand Signed Autographed RS Magazine

God bless Denzel Washington indeed. Price: $150

Roger Waters Autographed Dark Side Album

Price: $789

Invasion of the Saucermen Theater Poster

This gorgeously illustrated, near-mint condition 27 x 41 poster is an original 1957 printing, not a reproduction. Price: $13,000

Alien Skull Image: Prophouse / Amazon