We're big fans of ThinkGeek here at Gizmodo. They carry some really cool stuff that you can't get anywhere else, but like all superfluous-yet-undeniably-dope toys, the price has got to be right. You can't shout "shut up and take my money" if you've got to check your bank account first.

Right now, ThinkGeek's offering a rare coupon code that takes 20% off everything. Shipping's $6, or free when you spend more than $75. The code's BLUERUPEE. Don't know what to use the code on? Well, the impossibly creepy USB tentacle flash drive pictured up at the top is a good start. [ThinkGeek]


Update 3:25: Unfortunately, it looks like free shipping doesn't stack with the 20% off code.

Here are some more suggestions to get you started:

A Few Lego Pieces Transform This Studded Mug Into Whatever You Can Imagine

[$15 from Thinkgeek]

Fastest Bottle Opener in the Galaxy Opens Bottles in Less Than Twelve Parsecs

[$16 from Thinkgeek]

French Press Mug Brews a Perfect Single Serving of Coffee

[$20 from Thinkgeek]

A few notes: In Zelda, the blue rupee is worth 5 rupees. Shouldn't the coupon be something like "redrupee"? Also, if you want more shopping inspiration, here's the list of ThinkGeek products that Gizmodo's written about. And if you've had your eye on something for a while, let us know in the comments (after you cop one for yourself.)

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Top Deals

Eric Limer used Republic Wireless' unique $19-a-month smartphone plan for a whole year, all in the spirit of saving money. Here's what he learned.

A Friendly Reminder Not To Trust List Prices

One hundred thirty thousand dollars off? What a steal! No, but seriously, this is a pretty cool deal: Gorilla Tape kicks ass, and usually a roll costs around $6. [Amazon]


1.5 TB WD My Passport ($100) | Amazon via Storageaholic | Originally $130


2-Cup Pyrex Measuring Cup ($4.49) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $10
Lego Police Station ($69) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $90
Liani Li MicroATX Aluminum PC Case ($70) | Newegg via Reddit | Originally $90 | Use coupon code AFNJ0260
Double Baby Bike Trailer ($84) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $120
20% Off Living Social ($Tk) | Living Social via Tk | Originally $Tk | Use coupon code MYFEB
Stupid Camera Lens Coffee Mug ($12.31) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $30


Hey — this official Apple 30-pin-to-Lightning adapter is $20 instead of $30. Of course, it's refurbished. [All4Celluar]


A year ago, Curtis Jackson promoted these headphones so hard that he spoke with Gizmodo's own Sam Biddle. Here's the video. Now, the blue model is on sale for $100, which is significantly less than the $250 MSRP. Is it because these are pretty hideous "fashion" headphones? It is because Fiddy isn't the marketing master that Dr. Dre is? Or is it because these are actually cheap, generic headphones with a whole bunch of expensive marketing, and now they're finally coming down to their true price? We don't know, but it is a bit sad. [Amazon]

Numark DJ Headphones ($11.08) | Amazon | Originally $20 | Choose Triplenet Pricing from More Buying Choices
50 CENT HEADPHONES ($100-$130, depending on color) | Amazon via Tech Deal Digger | Originally $200


Dead Space 3 ($40) | Amazon via James Campbell | Originally $60
Assassin's Creed III ($40) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $60

Physical Media

Finding Neverland on Blu-ray ($5) | Amazon via Logicbuy | Originally $10
Quantum of Solace ($8) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $0.15
Ben Hur Collector's Edition ($27) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $40

Warner Brothers Sale | Warner Bros via Hard Forum | Harry Potter, DC Comics, etc, plus free shipping
Patton on Blu-ray ($10) | Amazon via Logicbuy | Originally $18

Digital Media



Fjallraven Classic Backpack ($90) | Urban Outfitters via Reddit | Originally $140
Supergas Sale | Gilt via Put This On

Dumb TV → Smart TV

Refurb Sony Blu-ray Player with WiFi ($60) | Best Buy via Reddit | Originally $90


Samsung Series 3 with Core i7, Radeon HD 7730M ($700) | Amazon via Reddit | Originally $900
14" Toshiba Satellite U845W-S414 ($800) | Amazon via Laptopaholic | Originally $1200 | Crappy laptop, great deal


Alienware X51 with Quad-Core i7, GeForce GTX 660 ($1000) | Dell via Dealzon | Originally $1200 | Use coupon code DCRXHQXTZRV5WT
Dell XPS 8500 ($1100) | Dell via Chip Chick | Originally $1400


10.1" ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity ($430) | Amazon | Originally $500


23" HP 1080p IPS Monitor ($150) | Best Buy via Hard Forum | Originally $230
32" Seiki 1080p HDTV ($270) | Ebay via Ebay | Originally $350
50" Panasonic Viera TC-PC50U50 Plasma ($580) | Dell via Dealzon | Originally $700 | Use coupon code CQQT?SCT7FZ2M7
46" Sony KDL46EX645 HDTV ($700) | Amazon via Tech Deal Digger | Originally $900

Does This Verizon Galaxy S3 Deal Mean The GS4 Is Around the Corner?

For the past two weeks we've been seeing a lot of cheap Galaxy S3 handsets with Sprint contract. But this one is for Verizon service, and unlike the Sprint deals, current customers can take advantage of it. It's a $20 GS3 with two-year contract.


Of course, the Galaxy S4 could be just around the corner — there's starting to be a little bit of rumor chatter, and Mobile World Congress starts next week. Plus, it simply makes sense that the GS4 would come out a year after the GS3. So you've got to decide whether it's worth it to wait. [Newegg via Dealnews]



Canon SLR Gadget Bag ($24) | Buydig via 9to5Toys | Originally $60 | Try coupon code CPN4SD
Sony HDR-TD20V 3D Camcorder ($1084) | Abe's of Maine via Logicbuy | Originally $1500 | Try coupon code LOYALTY15
Stupid Camera Lens Coffee Mug ($12.31) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $30

Bare Drives

You guys see anything out there? Yesterday's sick OCZ Vertex 3 deal was spotted by a commenter.


Ed. Note: We post sale apps when we see them, and we don't repost links if the app stays on sale for a while. If you're on an app-buying kick, you should check out old Dealzmodo posts.


Need For Speed Most Wanted ($0) | IGN via Reddit | Originally $5


ReNotify+ ($1) | Google Play via Apps-aholic | Originally $3
SpeedPatch Pro ($1) | Google Play via Apps-aholic | Originally $2
Potty Time With Elmo ($1) | Amazon Appstore via Apps-aholic | Originally $3


No freebies for you.

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