Apps are supposed to make your life easier, though they don't always live up to that. However, here are five that actually will, whether you're organizing your schedule, following baseball, or trying to find new music.

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Zero Motorcycles: Zero's 2013 line of electric bikes now work with Bluetooth, so now you can communicate with it from your phone. See how much charge you have left, see your live-stats, and report any problems to a technician. Free

Sunrise: Sunrise pulls both Facebook and Google Calendar data into one beautifully-designed app, that does the job of several. See the weather summary for each day, send a friend a birthday note from right within Sunrise, and get directions to an event that are updated if the location changes. Free

Timbre: So you like live music? And you like finding new bands? Timbre will find you shows in your area, with music inside the app for you to listen to, so you can see which concerts you want to check out and sample the sounds ahead of time. Free

MLB at Bat 13: You never have to miss a baseball game this season. MLB has updated its app, so once you've paid ($3/month), you can hear every single one broadcast live. And you can catch them on your phone, tablet, or computer without having to pay again. Subscription

Albumatic: Chances are, you have more than just one photo you want to show with your friends. Albumatic lets you share entire albums that your friends can see in real time and add to if they're close by. Free