The weekend is just minutes away at this point, but instead of going into an excited frenzy, relax and take a moment to recall all the beautiful things we feasted our eyes upon this week. We may be looking forward to the days of freedom ahead, but don't forget to enjoy what you have in front of you, right here, right now, and right down below.

Industrious Little Birds Share These Whimsical Homes With Hundreds

Looking more like something out of The Lorax than what you would find in Africa's Kalahari Desert, these fantastically decorated telephone poles are actually home to the aptly named Sociable Weaver bird. More

This Jackknife-Inspired Lamps Is Simple But Beautiful

This beautiful lamp, designed by Elia Mangia for Foundry, is subtly inspired by a jackknife's folding blade—but don't let that put you off, because its simplicity is too alluring to resist. More

Romain Jerome's Spacecraft Watch Looks Like It's From Another Galaxy

Taking a page from Tokyo Flash's bewildering design playbook, Romain Jerome's latest watch—the Spacecraft—takes an unconventional approach to displaying the time. But thankfully it's not as difficult as deciphering the array of dials and switches on a NASA-designed craft. More

Configure This Table Like a Caterpillar Toy

The Itisy table looks like one of these Very Hungry Caterpillar toys, and it can be configured however you like. Forget putting stuff on it; I just want to play with it. More

A Dozen Watches That Cost More Than Your House

Shelter? A warm hearth and roof over your head? Who needs any of that when you can blow a half million bucks on swanky, hyper-complicated timepieces like these? Even if they don't keep perfect time, our friends at Oobject have assembled 12 of the most intricate examples to date.

These Bicycles Made From Old Cars Are Gorgeous and Green

Bicycled is a new company from Lola Lowe Madrid that's building bikes out of junked cars. While that sounds like it could be a recipe for disaster, the results are actually amazingly beautiful. More