Much of the hype around Google Glass to date has focused on skydiving, BMX biking, and being a totally effective stalker. Those far-flung, limited-use applications don't seem worth the hefty $1500 on. But what about the totally practical ways that us normal people could actually use them?

Turns out—especially after Google's quick Glass demo last night at SXSW—there are a ton. Here's the slightly more achievable Google Glass future that's got us more excited than cheap stunts ever will.

If Google Glass is recording a concert, maybe everyone would finally put their phones down.

Running or biking? Leave your phone at home, and follow a map, avoid traffic, and see your real-time stats thanks to the data on your Glass.

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If you're following a complicated recipe, you're constantly referring to the directions on your tablet or phone. With the heads-up display, you could stop getting your garlic-covered paws all over your gadgets.

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Last year we saw a paralyzed man become the first person to tweet only using his eyes. He could not otherwise move or speak. Google Glasses could facilitate communication for countless people with disabilities, greatly improving the quality of their lives.

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You'll never be able to complain that you don't have time to follow the news—a Google Glasses app from the New York Times will read you the headlines aloud.

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Backing up your data won't be something you think twice about it. Take a photo, and Google Glass will automatically load it to Evernote.

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You don't want to pop out your phone and look like a tourist—or make yourself a target for a mugging—when you're trying to find an obscure restaurant on a random street. Just pull up Street View right in front of your nose.

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That horrible feeling where you run into someone and she knows you but you cannot for the life of you remember her name? No problem. You've got the mother of all rolodexes on your face.

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Helping your parents with tech support is the worst thing. In the future, when your mom asks you how to upload photos for the Nth time, make a video from a first person point of view instead of trying to talk her through it. Problem (maybe) solved.

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Any other awesome, practical Google Glass uses you can dream up? Let us know in the comments below.