The Airport Extreme is the nicest router that Apple makes. As you'd expect from a $180 router, it has all the major features you'd want: simultaneous dual-band routing, gigabit ethernet ports, and the ability to add a USB hard drive. If you like flashing router firmware or futzing with network configurations, this is not a deal for you. But if you want a buy-it-and-never-think-about-it-again appliance that serves up rock solid Internet, you can't go wrong with the Airport Extreme, especially if you're a Mac person.

Refurbs are tricky. Some refurbs — like Apple's — are good as new. This Airport is not an Apple refurb. For instance, it only comes with a 30-day warranty. But if you're okay with that risk, you can get an current-generation Airport Extreme for $90 from Best Buy, which is almost half the price for a new one on Amazon and exactly half off Apple's price. When we featured the same price from the same retailer back in January, I picked one up and couldn't be happier. Mine came in a brown OEM box and looked like it was brand new.

The $90 Airport Extreme deal is running through tomorrow, or until they sell out, which will likely happen. So if you want one, head on over to [Best Buy].


Update 3:46PM: Dammit, Best Buy has sold out. The next best price is an Apple refurb for $140. [Apple]
Update 5:38PM: Maybe Best Buy found more? In any case, they're back in stock. [Best Buy]

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