Even with Mobile World Congress in full swing, it's been a quiet week, but we've picked out the high points for your binge-style enjoyment. Taste the smooth flavors of a lost continent, mixed with just a pinch of weird iPod engravings, a dash of Galaxy S IV rumors, $2,500 worth of in-app purchases, four kinds of space-death, and no hardware because it doesn't matter. Check it all out below.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

The Samsung Galaxy S IV will be announced at an event on March 14th in New York. It's so close we can almost feel it in our hands. And thanks to the leaky ship that is the internet, we've got a pretty good idea of what to expect once it's real. More »

When Apple's Engraving Service Goes Wrong

When Redditor jayhawk503 bought his new iPod, he got more than he bargained for. He claims he didn't want any damn engraving. We're not sure how true that is, but it's funny nonetheless. More »

This Kid Blew $2,500 on In-Game Purchases in Just 10 Minutes

Shameless in-game purchases aimed at kids have been in the new recently. But this five-year-old kid spent more than most: he blew $2,500 on in-game junk in just 10 minutes. That's impressive. More »

Scenes From When Flying Was Still Civilized

There once was a Golden Age Of Flying. You didn't have to queue up, strip down, and surrender your beverage to the Goon Squad. Meals were served on real plates instead of sad, soggy cardboard boxes. The act of traveling itself was a pleasant part of the journey-instead of a necessary act of mass-transit. These conveniences still exist for the very rich, but there was a time when all of us had access to a fantastic world in the sky. That world is never coming back, but it's still nice to look back and fondly remember. More »

Hardware Comes Last

Google's Chromebook Pixel is aspirational in nearly every way. It's designed within an inch of its life, a physical specimen worthy of Rodin. Its lines are sharp, its display is crisp. And nearly every review has had the same takeaway: It's amazing. Don't buy it. More »

The Suit Won't Save You: Four Ways Space Can Kill You Dead

Turns out, being blown out of an airlock and turning into a meat popsicle after succumbing to hypoxia isn't so bad. At least, not when compared to the multitude of other deadly maladies that await you in the depths of space. Here are just a few ways that interplanetary exploration is conspiring to kill us all. More »

The Giant Security Hole That Facebook Doesn't Care About

You probably assume hackers are using all sorts of devious viruses, obscure scripts, "exploits" (whatever that means, right?) and other complex means to break into accounts. But often the means of entry are stupid simple. Facebook has a huge one-and doesn't care about fixing it. More »

A Baby Monitor App Captured the Adorable Truth of What Happens When a Toddler Is Trying to Sleep

Say it with me now: Hahahawwwwwhahah. This awesome toddler is named Jude and this video shows what he's actually doing when his parents shut off the lights and try to make him sleep. It's punishingly adorable. More »

What Is the Copyright Alert System?

The Copyright Alert System was conceived all the way back in 2011 as a new way to deal with seemingly unstoppable online piracy. It finally goes into effect today, and it will impact a huge portion of US Internet users. Sounds scary, but what is it, exactly? And what does it mean for you? More »

Scientists Find Lost Continent In the Indian Ocean

Scientists have found proof of a sunken continent in the Indian Ocean. According to a study published in Nature Geoscience, the continent "was separated from Madagascar and fragmented into a ribbon-like configuration by a series of mid-ocean ridge jumps during the opening of the Mascarene ocean basin." More »