Phew. You guys, we made it! It's almost the weekend. While you crawl toward the Friday finish line, take a pause and check out some of the most beautiful things we found this week.

The Aurora Lamp: Simple Can Be Sweet

The Aurora Lamp is simple. It can either sit on a table or hang from the wall with just one screw. More


One Building Looks Like Three Stacked On Each Other

If you came across this building, you'd think you'd stumbled into Toon Town. The outlandish structure looks like a couple of buildings stacked on top of each other. More

Drink Like a Pixie WIth This Adorable Leaf-Shaped Cup

Unless you're completely snobbish about only consuming bottled water, this cute silicone cup-crafted in the shape of a leaf-will let you enjoy a drink without having to get your mouth anywhere near a tap, faucet, or bubbling spring. More


This Stunning Steel Centerpiece Is Made from the Mountain It's Modeled After

Tucked amidst the Mont Blanc Mountain Range, the picturesque Aosta Valley is among the most pristine places on Earth. But rather than trek all the way to the Italian Alps, you can gaze upon the region's natural beauty through this 1:2193 scale stainless steel serving tray from Alessi. More


Taking Notes Will Feel A Lot More Biblical On Paper Made Of Stone

Recycling is great, but it would nice if trees didn't have to be involved at all in paper production. More oxygen, more animal hangouts, good stuff. The Italian notebook maker Ogami agrees, so they've developed a line of paper products made out of rocks. More

This Insane 400,000-Piece Lego Hogwarts School Is Larger Than Harry Potter Himself

Alice Finch has created one of the most impressive pieces of Lego architecture to date: a 400,000-brick version of Harry Potter's Hogwarts School. So large that it can fit Daniel Radcliffe inside. More


The World's Longest Floating Bridge Is No Longer Dying

At more than 7,580 feet long, Seattle's Governor Albert D. Rosellini Bridge is already the world's longest floating bridge. But after fifty years of service the four-lane concrete span has aged worse than Gerard Depardieu. Its pontoon supports can no longer endure the region's strong storms and the bridge itself is likely to collapse under a moderate earthquake. More