Can you spot anything amiss in today's Best Buy Deal of the Day page? Anything out of the ordinary? Look a little closer. Still don't see it? Here's a better look:

That's right! Hiding out among all the boring lazy stock iOS apps is Cydia. Good ol' Cydia, app haven to jailbroken miscreants the world 'round.

Why is Cydia out of place? Because jailbreaking (which we recommend full-throatedly) is something that Apple hates. It's something so outside the pale of official Cupertino policy that the company has repeatedly tried to criminalize it. It is, in other words, a major corporate no-no.


And yet! When Targus wanted to promote its iPad case, it brazenly chose a jailbroken iPad. And when Best Buy chose to promote Targus, it went along for the ride, an unwitting Bonnie to Targus's Cydia-toting Clyde.

Update: A Targus spokesperson has reached out to tell us that the company did not provide the image in the ad. The plot thickens! Also for what it's worth it seems unlikely that Best Buy would go to the trouble of photoshopping a jailbroken iPad display on to a perfectly good Targus press shot, but hey.


Update 2: Someone at Best Buy (or Targus? Who knows at this point!) has apparently edited the image to remove Cydia, which is good! But that person also left in the Terminal app, which only available on jailbroken devices, which means this is still a jailbroken iPad:

We're gonna get through this, guys. Just nine hours to go. [Best Buy via Twitter, Thanks, Umair!]