You may have noticed a certain indescribable gaping hole on Twitter over the past few months, and you're not alone. BuzzFeed hunted down the root of the problem to Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley's uncharacteristically coherent, and no longer seemingly-fever-dream-induced recent tweets.

Now, Twitter's poet laureate came to fame in a way most unusual for your typical 79-year-old man, but Chuck Grassley is far from typical. Still, as is the case with any hot internet sensation, heaping praise was quickly followed by snark-filled invective, forcing him to give up the bizarre non-sequiturs in favor of politics, solemnity, and words that can be found in a dictionary.

So please, join us now as we celebrate the most poignant, thought-provoking, and unintelligibly senile tweets that Chuck Grassley had to offer. And then join us once again as we pray for the deer's lives lost in the making of these tweets. And without further ado, enjoy:


Chuck Grassley is a man of God.

Chuck Grassley is Meta


Chuck Grassley appreciates other cultures.

Chuck Grassley hates those goddamn antique-peddling History Channel thugs.


Chuck Grassley also hates deer.

A lot.


Except when they're dead.

Now farewell, old friend. We hardly understood ye. [@ChuckGrassley via BuzzFeed]