There was a time when you'd shop for things in person as opposed to online. Convenient. Which then made shopping in person pretty boring because, well, it's all the same crap everywhere you go. Then the same thing happened to the Internet save for a few "indie" sellers on Etsy and some hipsters on Kickstarter.

But what if you wanted to see those cool little artisanal products in person, you ask? You'd think we were SOL but there's a site called Shopikon that helps you "discover independent" shopping establishments in a handful of cities around the world, like New York, Berlin and Paris. They even have some apps to help while you're on the move, too, including one for San Francisco, which launched this week.


And so, before your next trip, you might want to download one of the many Shopikon apps to help your plot out your shopping excursions. Or not. Go to the Gap or Hollister for all I care. [Shopikon]