Selling something on Craigslist? Documenting your Saturday shenanigans? Before you make it to weekend freedom, we've got some new Android apps that might be to your liking.

Mokirya Craigslist: Post your old stuff, find things you need, and laugh at the missed connections all from your Android phone. It's not an official Craiglist app (there isn't one), but it's about as close as we're going to get. Free

Guess the Movie!: Think you're a movie expert? Put your knowledge to the test by guessing the title of a movie based on illustrations in the app. Free

Vyclone : Four phones are better than one. Vyclone takes the video clips you and your friends snap and stitches them into one movie from every perspective. Free

Temple Run: Oz: I'm pretty obsessed with Temple Run as it is. So here's another version of the running, ducking, diving and sliding game, set in the land of Oz. And yes, it's associated with the new movie, and in this scenario you're James Franco. $1