Stop here, right here. There are so many wonderful things below for you to look at. From teeny tiny houses to crazy structures made from ice, there's plenty for you to feast your eyes on before you get your weekend started.

8 Historic Post Offices That Might Turn Into Starbucks

The US Postal Service is obviously suffering because, you know, the internet. It's about to stop Saturday delivery, but another part of its plan to save $20 billion over the next three years is to sell off some post offices. More than 600 have been "earmarked for disposal" and a total of 57 are up for sale via real estate firm CB Richard Ellis. More

A Modern Porch Swing Is Still a Classic

A porch swing is something you envision on the front porch on every archetypal white picket fenced house in America. SwingLabs has put a mondern spin on the classic suspended seat with this modular version. More

13 Ridiculously Cool Buildings Made of Ice

Buildings made of ice. We're not talking about that novelty bar you visited on a trip to Vegas. We're talking incredible, impressive, complete structures built in the grand tradition of Ice Palaces all over the world. More

Shooting Challenge: Tools Of the Trade

Chances are, you have a hobby (other than photography). You spend a lot of money on this hobby collecting all sorts of specialized tools. Well for this week's Shooting Challenge, assemble these tools into one, beautiful collection. More

An Abandoned Stable-Turned-Villa That Lives Off the Land

Just look at this home on a hill in Cáceres, Spain. An abandoned stable that used to stand on the same site was slated for remodeling, but it was so dilapidated that architects just took the stones and started from scratch. What they created was something beautiful. More

Could the Ancient Romans Have Built a Digital Computer?

The Romans were undoubtedly master engineers. They were experts at civil engineering, building roads, improving sanitation, inventing Roman concrete, and constructing aqueducts that adhere to tolerances impressive even by today's standards. More

13 Adorably Teeny Tiny Houses

TBigger isn't always better. In the case of micro living spaces, quite the opposite is true. In celebration of what some designers can do with so little space, here are some of our favorite mini houses from around the world. More