I'm going to make a confession: I don't like Streetlight Manifesto nearly as much as I love Kalnoky-era Catch 22, but unless you're a ska-nerd, that probably means nothing to you. What all you normal people need to know is that Streetlight Manifesto's "Receiving End of It All" is horn-tastic (post-?)ska triumph with—in my opinion—one of the best instrumental bridges out there.

"The Recieving End of It All" is the penultimate track off Streetlight Manifesto's 2007 sophomore (if you don't count the 'meh' 2006 re-recording of Keasbey Nights) effort Somewhere In the Between. Riddled with lyrics that are at once super-specific and hopelessly vague—a Streetlight staple—the track has an appropriately hoppin' bassline, sophisticatedly noodley horn parts, and obligatory shout-chorus back-up vocals. But the real meat of the song, the truly great part, doesn't hit until 3:35 where a slow, soft instrumental breakdown builds up to just a killer crescendo.

If you can dig this track, the whole album is really worth a listen, even if you thought you left ska behind in the 90s. Get skankin' [Spotify, Amazon, iTunes]