Although the album was released about eight months before the cartoon premiered, They Might Be Giants' Flood will probably forever be best associated with the Warner Brothers/Amblin Entertainment animated series: Tiny Toon Adventures. If you grew up in the 1990s, it's all but impossible to not picture Plucky Duck getting pummeled in a wrestling ring whenever Particle Man is played.

The sing-along episode actually featured two tracks from Flood: Particle Man and Istanbul, but the former was far more memorable as it gave a face to the mysterious Triangle Man, Universe Man, and Person Man. Not to mention the moving accordion solos by Dizzy Devil, and the deadpan lyrical delivery of Hamton J. Pig. Let's see the cast of Pokemon deliver such a performance.

And for longtime fans of the song who are still having a hard time comprehending how things play out, the band tweeted this handy flowchart from its official Twitter account yesterday that should straighten everything out.

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