The Battersea Power Station is an iconic London building, but it's been tragically unused since it was decommissioned in 1983. Now architectural firm Atelier Z√ľndel Cristea wants to turn that around with a proposal to make the abandoned spot a roller coaster. Where do we sign?

The station would be the center of a rollicking thrill ride. But the building itself would still be preserved as an architecture museum. As it should be. The Battersea Power Station is a beautiful art deco-style building, although it's deteriorated over the last three decades. And it's an important part of pop culture‚ÄĒit's been featured in the Beatles' Help!, as well as a Judas Priest video, and you might recognize it as the cover art from Pink Floyd's 1977 album, Animals. In 1987, former Battersea Station owners had a plan to turn it into an indoor theme park, but it fell through because of a lack of funds.

So now Z√ľndel Cristea wants to turn the site into something that people love once again, with the addition of footpaths, squares, courtyards, and rotating exhibitions. And most importantly, a roller coaster that rushes around it making the building the very center of attention. What more could you want? [Z√ľndel Cristea via Weburbanist via Swiss-Miss]