Lose five pounds, edit your photos, catch up on TV shows, and breathe at some point. Sound like an unattainable amount of multitasking? Not really, if you have this round of the best iPhone apps of the week to assist you.

Reebok Fitness: Getting fit is easier when you have a routine, and Reebok's new app will help you stick to one. Set out a 6-12 week fitness plan that includes dancing, yoga, running, or walking, and generates a schedule you can sync with your calendar so you to keep to it. Free

CBS: At long last, CBS has released its own iOS app. You can stream all of your favorite shows from the network like How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls and set up alerts so you never miss an episode. Free

Facetune: Sometimes an Instagram filter isn't enough to make your selfie look flawless. For those occasions, Facetune is a basic photo editor that lets you smooth over blemishes, delete grey hairs, and make your face look fantastic. $1

Aeropress Timer: You're going to get better coffee from an Aeropress than from a crappy drip machine, provided you do it right. This app will make sure you won't screw up your cup with a timer and prompts for when you should stir, pour, steep, and press. $2

Photolettering: Lots of apps let you overlay text on your photos, but not all of them were made by a company that's been making fonts for 20 years. Except Photolettering. This beautifully-designed app is a lovely way to add words in wonderful typeface over your pictures. Free